We are so excited to welcome Gerardo Grezzi to our Sterilex team. Gerardo recently joined us as our new Business Development Manager for Latin America.

What were you doing before you came to Sterilex?

I am originally from Uruguay and graduated as an agricultural engineer with a major in animal science back in 1988 at the University of Uruguay. I came to the United States to validate my degree as an agricultural engineer at Georgia State University in 1990. I really started working in animal health when I joined Poultry Health Services to help them grow their business in Latin America. I focused on animal health biosecurity, particularly for poultry and swine, after joining Antec International.  I wasn’t involved directly in animal health biosecurity in my job immediately prior to Sterilex but am excited to get back into an industry I know so well.

Since the Business Development Manager position is a new role within Sterilex, what are some of your goals for this position?

My number one goal is to establish Sterilex’s presence in the region. To do that I am working to evaluate distribution channels and establish distribution partnerships because Sterilex cannot operate in Latin America alone. Once we have the correct partner in place, our next goal will be to begin registering our products in each country.  During the time it takes to get our products registered, I can be working with our new distribution partner to help train their sales team and make sure they have the tools and resources to help sell our product. At the end of the day, our distribution partner and its team is an extension of Sterilex and we want to make sure we share a business strategy and we will be working to achieve the same goal.

Since you will be focused primarily on growing Sterilex business in Latin America, what countries do you see the most potential?

Mexico and Brazil are the two major markets in Latin America and of course we want to be present in those markets because of the size and opportunities. However, there are several countries that are not quite as large that still offer very interesting opportunities for Sterilex such as all of Central America,  Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay are smaller countries, but they still offer interesting opportunities as well. I hope to focus on some of these smaller markets as we work through the registration logistics with Brazil and Mexico.

What is the most surprising or interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

I must say I am extremely happy with the people at Sterilex. I’ve noticed from day one the productivity and dedication this company has in everything they do. I have been particularly impressed with Sterilex’s innovation. I like the fact that it is not a “me too” company. Sterilex has something to offer that is completely different from the rest of our competitors. We have something very exclusive and value added, particularly in animal health. We can really demonstrate to our customers products that make a difference. It’s absolutely wonderful.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak three languages. Spanish is my native language, but I am fluent in Portuguese after living in Brazil for 14 years and English. I can read French and Italian but cannot speak it.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

The three countries I like most are Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil. I’ve traveled so often to Mexico for work that I have become very familiar with their culture. The people in Colombia are great and always so professional. I love Brazil because I lived there for 14 years and my children are Brazilian, so I have a particular affection for that country.

If you have an hour of free time, what do you enjoy doing?

I work out. Going to the gym is like brushing my teeth. It is a daily thing that I must do. I enjoy running and lifting weights. I used to play soccer and racquetball, but my knees are not as responsive as they once were.