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Wednesday, June 14, 2017Pork Processor Indicon Gel Trial

When a large fully cooked and deboned RTE poultry facility was experiencing periodic environmental Listeria positives, they contacted Sterilex. After Sterilex recommended the use of Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner & Activator and Sterilex Ultra Powder dry floor sanitizer, the facility reduced Listeria positives by 80%.

AREA OF CONCERN: MICROBIAL CONTROL CHALLENGES IN FILLERS IN A SALAD DRESSING PROCESSING PLANT ISSUE Sterilex was contacted by a salad dressing processing plant that was continually experiencing high microbial counts in their fillers. BACKGROUND Plant had tried many different cleaners and sanitizers to deal with this issue, and were not successful in finding anything that

AREA OF CONCERN: LISTERIA POSITIVES IN RTE PLANT CLOSED BY USDA ISSUE Listeria positives in deli plant led to plant shutdown by USDA. BACKGROUND Presence of biofilm led to failure of standard sanitation protocol. Point of contamination linked to drains. RECOMMENDATION Sterilex proposed the following actions: Shock treatment: 5 days of daily treatment to drains

AREA OF CONCERN: LISTERIA POSITIVES IN PORK PROCESSING FACILITY ISSUE Consistently high Listeria and APC during routine testing. Product shelf life had decreased and plant was threatened with regulatory action. BACKGROUND Plant said that they had “tried everything.” Used alkaline and acid cleaners in rotation and peracetic acid sanitizers. RECOMMENDATION Sterilex proposed the following actions:

AREA OF CONCERN: SHELF LIFE CONCERNS IN POULTRY PROCESSING FACILITY ISSUE Shelf life of poultry sold to large fast food restaurant chain decreased from 16 days to 11 days resulting in lost profitability. BACKGROUND Source of problem linked to brine tank and injector needles. Existing sanitation program not effective. RECOMMENDATION Sterilex proposed the following actions:

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