Eliminating Presumptive Positives in Meat Processing Facility Floor Treatment

Area of concern:

Presumptive Environmental Listeria Positives in a large processing facility


Sterilex was contacted by a bacon processing plant that struggled with Listeria positives on floor surfaces and wanted a floor intervention at the entrance to their RTE rooms.


Plant had many areas that could not be properly drained, so they needed the intervention to be dry. They were using an unregistered quaternary ammonium floor treatment, which was not adequately controlling their positive Listeria hits.


Sterilex proposed the following actions:

  • Replace the unregistered quaternary ammonium product with Sterilex Ultra Powder floor sanitizer
  • Apply the powder at the recommended use rate to the floor surfaces that lack drainage as well as the floors of the RTE rooms. This rate has been shown to provide > 6 log kill of pathogens such as Listeria in a cost effective manner.RESULTS
  • Elimination of presumptive positives

“The plant is saving about $1,300 dollars per month by switching to the Sterilex powder” – Chemical service representative

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