Core Values


We develop innovative technologies and solutions to control microbial threats and maintain healthy environments.  Our products prevent disease, enhance well-being, ensure product integrity, and increase productivity in the industries we serve.


Our vision is to drive advancement, provide thought leadership and develop value added solutions to safeguard our food supply, protect human and animal health and optimize operational efficiencies.


We are committed to the highest ethical standards in everything we do; on behalf of our customers, our communities and ourselves. We are proud to work for a company whose products and services make a difference for humanity.

Understanding the needs of our customers and our societal responsibilities, we develop unique and meaningful solutions which offer clear and measurable benefits. We are responsible for developing forward thinking solutions to the challenges we face, as well as within the industries we serve.

We will drive innovation and thought leadership throughout the organization. We foster trust and collaboration to develop leaders focused on superior performance and personal accountability. We set positive examples and invest in others so that they can follow the guidelines of leadership.

We collaborate and promote an inclusive work environment that values and leverages diversity. We respect each other and those with whom we interact both within and outside the organization. We work together with enthusiasm and intellect and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved.

We cultivate an atmosphere for continuous improvement. We challenge conventional wisdom and are always seeking ways to expand our knowledge, improve and be better.
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