About this webinar

This webinar is a meat industry focus on utilizing the sanitation process as a first line of defense against viruses and other pathogens. The topics include an overview on how biofilm affects resistant pathogens and the sanitation process, an overview on best practices for sanitation and how the sanitation process impacts downstream customer confidence through audits like GFSI.

Hosted By

Micah Gwartney

Business Development Manager, Sterilex

Biofilm + Resistant Pathogen Removal
Micah is a 12+ year veteran of the meat and food industries. He has focused his career on improving product quality and food safety through multifaceted problem-solving efforts involving operations, quality assurance and sanitation.

Larry Schaumburger

Owner/CEO, LJS Consulting, LLC

Preparing for 3rd Party Audits + Inspections
Larry is the current CEO and Owner of LJS consulting and has over 40 years of experience in the food safety and quality industry across the country. Larry is an expert in utilizing data to help clients make informed decisions about their food safety plans, with certifications in HACCP, ISO 2200 and GFSI auditing.

Eric Wilson

Food Safety/Quality/Regulatory, Morrilton Packing Company

Sanitation Best Practices
Eric currently oversees Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory at the Morrilton Packing company, and has over 20 years of dedicated experience in supporting food safety and sanitation.

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