2016 Listeria Recalls Higher Than Past Three Years

Food product recalls due to Listeria contamination continue to capture the attention of processors, regulators, and especially, consumers.  According to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, the number of Listeria-related recalls for 2016 were more than those reported for the past three years.

listeriarecallMeat processors today are experiencing great success with controlling pathogens on incoming products.  However, with value-added goods in high demand, risk for contamination increases as more surfaces, equipment and hands come in contact with food product throughout the process. Food processors must remain vigilant with best practice sanitation programs in place to address the introduction, growth and transfer of pathogens in the processing environment.  As the FDA intensifies pressure, in an effort to catch-up to FSIS protocols, some processors are searching for new ways to meet regulatory expectations for prevention of Listeria.  One idea calls for greater information share in the ongoing battle to control and eliminate Listeria.

Mitigation of Listeria requires removal of biofilm and subsequent prevention and control afterwards in food production environments. The most effective preventative control programs develop a holistic approach, looking at all areas that contribute to transfer and movement of pathogens such as foot traffic and shared equipment.

Sterilex® Ultra Powder has been designed as a unique EPA-registered floor sanitizer for use in food processing and animal environments, and is now the leading product in this market segment.   This innovative product utilizes Sterilex proprietary PerQuat® technology, and incorporates unique features such as small, non-slip granules that plant workers can broadcast directly on plant floors to sanitize and enhance traction.

What additional information is available?

For more on this topic, read the in-depth article in the October issue of Meatingplace.

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