Periodic Circulation in Plant CIP Systems

CIP system

Food and beverage manufacturing plants with CIP systems all face unique sanitation challenges that Sterilex Ultra CIP is uniquely poised to address. In addition to your traditional detergent and sanitizer washes, plants can eliminate resistant micro-problems by using Sterilex Ultra CIP for periodic deep cleaning regimens. For circuits that are prone to micro-challenges or the presence of spoilage organisms, this is especially important.

Sterilex Ultra CIP is a low-foaming disinfectant based on Sterilex proprietary PerQuat® technology to enhance sanitation and kill microorganisms throughout CIP systems. Sterilex proprietary PerQuat Technology is the only chemistry with products approved to remove biofilm from public health and industrial surfaces.* When applied with Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution, Sterilex Ultra CIP provides high-level disinfection, elimination of resistant harborage niches, and an ability to solve difficult sanitation challenges.

Sterilex Ultra CIP and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution may be used in a variety of circulation applications including dryers, fillers, HTST’s, and any line circuits to eliminate spoilage organisms and pathogens such as Salmonella.  It also has been shown to have the potential to reduce Coliform counts in the system. Ultimately, using Sterilex Ultra CIP and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution as part of your plant’s sanitation program can improve product shelf-life and produce a cleaner, safer product for consumers. We suggest using Sterilex Ultra CIP and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution on an ongoing deep-cleaning regimen. Just circulate the product through the Clean-In-Place system, and follow with a water rinse.

* The content provided on this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not supersede the product label requirements. Approved label claims may vary depending on geography, use site, organism, or other factors. Always refer to the product label for complete directions for use.
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