Pool & Spa Piping Systems

Pool and spa piping systems are a perfect breeding ground for resistant microbial biofilms which can act as a reservoir for pathogens. Without complete removal of biofilm from pool and spa piping systems, microbial counts in the spa water can reach pre-treatment levels within 48 hours.

Sterilex products provide pool and spa operators with solutions to eliminate biofilm from piping systems and disinfect pool and spa surfaces and small parts.

Sterilex PerQuat® based chemistries are the only products approved to remove biofilm, kill resistant biofilm forming organisms and remove algae from pool and spa water systems. Traditional spa biocides such as chlorine, bromine, “quats”, and glutaraldehyde have been shown to be ineffective or require prolonged/high dosages of actives to “burn” layers of biofilm. In addition, none of these products are EPA approved to remove biofilm from pool and spa piping systems.

Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution is a low foaming, two-part liquid  EPA registered biocide and biofilm removal agent for pool and spa piping systems. Many of the largest cruise lines and commercial spa operators rely on Sterilex proprietary PerQuat® technology to thoroughly clean, remove biofilm
(which can harbor pathogens) and kill algae from their systems.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Penetrates and removes biofilm from pool and spa water systems
  • Disinfectants and cleans pool and spa surfaces
  • Sanitize small parts
  • No chlorine or acid components
* The content provided on this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not supersede the product label requirements. Approved label claims may vary depending on geography, use site, organism, or other factors. Always refer to the product label for complete directions for use.
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