Sterilex Earns Top Honor from International Association for Food Protection

food-safety-innovation-awardA primary mission of Sterilex Corporation is to provide the best solutions for microbial threats in the food production environment. We are proud that innovation is a core value of our company, and we constantly strive to develop and strengthen our line of proprietary biofilm-control biocides, broad spectrum disinfectants, sanitizers and decontamination products.

We are honored to receive the 2016 Food Safety Innovation Award from the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) for Sterilex Ultra Powder. This annual award is presented to an individual or organization that creates a new idea, practice or product that has had a positive impact on food safety, thus improving public health and the quality of life.

Sterilex Ultra Powder has been designed as a unique EPA registered floor sanitizer for use in food processing and animal environments, and is now the leading product in this market segment. Ultra Powder utilizes Sterilex proprietary PerQuat® technology, and incorporates unique features such as small, non-slip granules that plant workers can broadcast directly on plant floors to sanitize and enhance traction.

Award Acceptance

Shira Kramer and Alex Josowitz of Sterilex accept the 2016 Food Safety Innovation Award at IAFP in St. Louis, Missouri.

With ongoing reports of food processing plants experiencing Listeria recalls, it is evident that plants must implement sanitation programs that use validated products to address their microbial challenges. Sterilex is proud to produce a product for our customers that combines the award-winning characteristics of optimized chemistry, texture, composition, and EPA registration.

Prior to the launch of Sterilex Ultra Powder, food processing plants primarily relied on boot dips, foaming liquid
products, or solid floor “treatments” to treat floors and control foot traffic in entryways. Liquid sanitizers that introduce moisture into the processing environment can be counter-productive, as over time they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, while solid floor “treatments” have been on the market for a number of years, they are not EPA-approved as sanitizers and can only legally be used as “cleaning” or “anti-slip” agents. In the past, if a plant’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan included the use of a floor or entryway intervention to control the growth and spread of foodborne pathogens, it was limited to the use of a liquid-based sanitizer. Therefore, introduction of Sterilex Ultra Powder represented a pivotal improvement in food processing plant sanitation.

The product’s key features include:

• Can be used in both wet and low moisture processing applications, but is especially useful in ready-to-eat, sensitive or low-moisture plant environments
• Ideal for use in mats or other floor containment devices and in entryways
• Provides traction that improves plant safety
• Small, sand-like granules move easily into boot treads, tires, and the grooves of a textured or cracked floor
• EPA-registered to kill resistant organisms such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella

Sterilex recently conducted a trial at a plant where one mat treated with Sterilex Ultra Powder was placed just outside the locker rooms that employees walked through. Sterilex Ultra Powder was so effective in killing microorganisms on the boot, that the plant experienced huge drops in its Listeria counts as far as two rooms away due to the sanitization of the boot. These types of results have been reported by customers who recognize the value of Sterilex technology in maintaining a safe processing environment.

This type of recognition, including the IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award, illustrate our passion for innovation and our ability to produce quality, effective products that offer unique solutions for our customers.

To read our full press release on the award-winning product, click here. To learn more about Sterilex Ultra Powder, visit the product page, call us at (800) 511-1659, or email us at

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