Sterilex Ultra Powder Tested Against PEDv by University of Minnesota

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) is a coronavirus infecting the small intestines of a pig, causing diarrhea and and often death.  While the virus was first noticed in Europe, it spread throughout the US in 2013, killing over 1 million piglets and resulting in higher hog prices.  Until recently, there were no known disinfectants which have been proven to eliminate PEDv in controlled environments.

Sterilex Ultra Powder is a disinfectant/sanitizer that can be mixed with water and applied to hard surfaces or can be applied in dry form to foot pans and floor surfaces to kill pathogens and prevent cross contamination. The University of Minnesota recently conducted a study to determine the efficacy of Sterilex Ultra Powder against PEDv.

Read the results of the study here.

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