IPPE 2020
January 28-30

Visit Us at IPPE 2020, January 28-30

We invite you to come see how Sterilex products can enhance your sanitation and biosecurity program with our innovative solutions for microbial control.

Sterilex’s award-winning products are considered a best practice for the control of harmful microorganisms, such as ListeriaE. coliSalmonella and Avian Influenza, on a wide variety of food contact and environmental surfaces in processing environments as well as in animal drinking lines, feeding equipment, foot pans and caging in live production operations.

Reserve a meeting time at IPPE 2020 to talk with one of our industry experts and learn how Sterilex can enhance your food safety and biosecurity program.

Reserve a Meeting Time at IPPE 2020

Visit Sterilex at IPPE 2020 January 28-30, 2020
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