OFPA 61st Annual Fall Food Safety Symposium & Annual General Meeting
November 20, 2019

Sterilex will be attending the 2019 Ontario Food Protection Association 61st Annual Food Safety Symposium and Annual General Meeting.

The Ontario Food Protection Association provides a common forum for those associated with food safety & protection within the Ontario food industry and beyond. OFPA encourages the exchange ideas, experiences and information between members in industry, academia, government, retailers, consultants, diagnostic labs and sector associations.

OFPA members include food safety professionals from every facet of the food industry: Meat and Poultry, Bakery, Brewery, Fruits and Vegetables, Processed Meats, Dairy, Snack Foods, Foodservice, Beverage, Fish and Prepared Foods. In addition, our members represent food manufacturers from all commodities, supply and service businesses (i.e. sanitation supplies and equipment), as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments, academia, research and testing laboratories, and public health.

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