Use In Cooling Water Systems As Hybrid Non Oxidizing Biocide Biodisperant

Sterilex Ultra Kleen Solution 1 is a unique hybrid biocide and biofilm removal agent for use in open recirculating and closed loop cooling water systems.

Sterilex Ultra Kleen Solution 1 is a low foaming, EPA-registered biocide, slimicide and algicide used to penetrate and remove biofilm and other organic contaminants from water systems. Unlike competitive biocides, Ultra Kleen Solution 1 penetrates the protective biofilm matrix, kills resistant microorganisms living in the biofilm, and removes the biofilm matrix from the surface.  This results in an increase in heat transfer efficiency, a reduction in sessile and planktonic APC counts, and reduced corrosion.

In cooling water systems, the product can be used to rapidly remediate heavily fouled systems or be used on an ongoing basis to prevent fouling. Sterilex Ultra Kleen Solution 1 maintains process efficiency and reduces costs as compared to competitive biocide/dispersant programs.

Ultra Kleen Solution 1 will provide a rapid reduction in counts for APC, slime forming bacteria, and sulfate reducing bacteria, while ensuring that biofilm is removed from the system more effectively and at a lower cost than traditional non-oxidizing biocide and biodispersant programs.

*Biofilm label claims approved for specific applications only. See product label for full label claims and usage instructions.
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