Stop resident bacteria with a first-of-its-kind chemistry formula.

Every food processing operation faces stubborn bacteria. Even if you and your management team are doing everything right, you may need to enhance your hygiene practices to beat hard-to-kill pathogens. The reason? Biofilm.

Biofilm is a thin layer of cells that hosts communities of bacteria and other microorganisms.

​​​​​Designed to destroy biofilm and the bacteria colonies within it, ProvaCharge can help you quickly and effectively kill biofilm today y keep risk down over time. By adding it to your hygiene routine, you’ll lower disinfection time, limit wear on equipment, and potentially increase product shelf life.

Unsure how ProvaCharge would fit into your operation? Let’s check out three common scenarios where ProvaCharge can help.

Problem 1: High-risk prepared or ready-to-eat foods

From deli to minced meat, high-risk foods are everywhere. The risk intensifies when you reduce temperatures or don’t cook products thoroughly. For example, salmon used for sushi is kept raw, and can quickly become high-risk if surfaces are contaminated or the fish isn’t kept cool enough.

For meat in particular, there are challenges at every phase of production. Biofilm thrives in hard-to-reach places like mincing machines. But unfortunately, mincing machines can be difficult — and sometimes dangerous — to take apart completely. And scrubbing manually takes significant time and effort that slows operations and production at-large. The risk is heightened further by consumer trends favouring the consumption of raw or undercooked ground beef, such as less than thoroughly cooked (LTTC) beef burgers, sometimes referred to as rare, pink, or lightly cooked beef burgers. If the equipment meat is prepared and cooked on isn’t properly sanitised, then burgers that aren’t cooked all the way through are at higher risk of containing foodborne pathogens.

The answer? A foaming product like ProvaCharge that can effectively reach more inaccessible equipment to penetrate biofilm and kill the bacteria within it in minutes, without harming productivity.

Problem 2: Meat processing facilities

From chicken factories to pork-processing plants, disease-causing bacteria is found everywhere. Biofilms are found in unexpected, hard-to-clean places, such as:

  • Túneles de refrigeración
  • Unidades aéreas
  • Round and trench drains
  • Congeladores espirales
  • Hollow legs of tables

​​When attempting to deep clean these bacteria-laden areas that are hard to reach, some operations use large scrubbers. But this can inadvertently cause something called seeding dispersal: a process through which cleaning breaks up biofilm but ultimately fails to kill the bacteria trapped within it. Now released, this bacteria can disperse to other surfaces. As a result, sanitation challenges can actually become worse.

This is where ProvaCharge can help, providing an extra source of assurance — and insurance — against stubborn bacteria in hard-to-reach places. ProvaCharge can replace manual scrubbing and not only penetrates biofilms but also kills 99.9999% of pathogens within.

Problem 3: Forgotten corners

No matter the operation, corporate sanitation managers and plant managers must consider the hidden niches where bacteria thrive. For example:

  • Tablas de cortar
  • Cortadoras
  • Inyectores de salmuera
  • Meat mincers/dicers
  • Embutidoras
  • Ahumadoras de carne

Unfortunately, these types of equipment are nearly impossible to scrub or completely disinfect using traditional methods.

Here, again, ProvaCharge can help. Because it comes as a foam, it can be used to soak parts and disinfect traditionally hard-to-clean equipment that houses biofilms. This limits cross-contamination and enables a thorough clean, lowering operation costs and reducing the risk of product holds and recalls from disease-causing bacteria.

The ProvaCharge Solution

The key to secure hygiene in high-risk scenarios is destroying biofilm and, in the process, killing bacteria where they live and hide.

Because traditional disinfectants aren’t designed to break down biofilm, they have limited effectiveness. To get areas fully clean, hygiene managers still need to manually scrub areas or use energy-intensive treatments that require significant amounts of water and heat.

In contrast, ProvaCharge Foam is formulated to penetrate biofilm and kill 99.9999% of pathogenic microorganisms that are within the biofilm, which reduces labour costs, energy costs, and sanitation downtime — all in one simple, 10-minute step.

salchichas en una cinta transportadora en una planta de procesado de carne de cerdo

Estudio de caso

La espuma ProvaCharge resuelve microproblemas complejos en instalaciones porcinas
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Preocupación: Cherryfield Ltd., una empresa líder en el procesamiento de carne de cerdo, se puso en contacto con Sterilex para que le ayudara a penetrar en las biopelículas y erradicar las bacterias de biopelícula.
Solución: Un ensayo completo de Espuma ProvaCharge como parte de un tratamiento de choque de varios días en la línea de corte.

ProvaCharge mejora los programas de higiene alimentaria

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¿Luchas contra los microbios positivos recurrentes? La culpa puede ser del biofilm. Los patógenos persistentes o recurrentes son una de las amenazas más comunes para la higiene y la salud en la producción de alimentos. E. coli, Salmonella y Listeria pueden acechar en zonas difíciles de desinfectar, como desagües, tablas de cortar, cortadoras, picadoras y túneles de refrigeración.

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