In protein processing facilities, biofilm is a reoccurring and mostly hidden menace. From overhead air units and structures to complex grinder parts and tight tolerance freezer coils, the poultry and beef industries have multiple areas that lead to the buildup of resistant pathogens, biofilm and other food safety concerns. Sterilex products attack cross-contamination issues at its source—biofilm. Control key foodborne pathogens like SalmonellaEscherichia coli and make sure your brand has the protection it deserves.

Product Benefits

Sterilex products can:

  • Remove biofilm and kill biofilm-causing bacteria in processing facilities
  • Control foodborne pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli y Salmonella enterica on food contact and environmental surfaces
  • Reduce environmental organism positives
  • Increase heat transfer equipment efficiency
  • Reduce labor hours
  • Increase worker safety

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Find out why our PerQuat® Tecnología is the power behind our products.

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