Why Trust Sterilex?

A leading expert in the control of biofilm, Sterilex has helped thousands of food facilities like yours solve troublesome biofilm problems and improve operational efficiencies. Our biofilm audit process helps you identify what to look for and shows you how to treat stubborn biofilm issues you may not even be aware you have.

So, why choose us?

  • We were first to market with biofilm removal and kill claims.
  • We serve over 10,000 end users globally.
  • We are trusted by many of the top brands in the food industry.
  • Our technical support team is here for you 100%.
  • We have tools, like Indicon Gel, that make finding and controlling biofilm easier.

Visit our Biofilm Hub for more information.

How do I get a free biofilm audit?

  1. Fill out the form to the right.
  2. A Sterilex biofilm expert will reach out to schedule an initial phone consultation and a potential visit to your facility.
  3. Get ready to say goodbye to biofilm.

During our in-person biofilm audit, one of our technically adept team members will join you on a walk-through of your facility to help identify potential biofilm harborage niches. We use tools like Indicon Gel to provide a visual indication of biofilm, then recommend steps to remediate the problem.

Note: We have a limited number of team members available and will let you know a timeframe for your audit via email or during your initial phone consultation.

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Where is Biofilm Found?
Overheads and Air Units
Harvesting Equipment
Walls and Floors
Entryway and Hygienic Zoning Control
Low-moisture Sanitization
Spiral Freezer and Aluminum Treatment
Grinders, Slicers, Soakable Parts