Mit ProvaStride™ die Quat-Beschränkungen aus dem Weg räumen

Dodge your facility’s quat restrictions and trust your products are protected from food safety pathogens with ProvaStride, Sterilex’s new quat-free, EPA-registered powder sanitizer, designed for low-moisture, quat-sensitive environments. ProvaStride adds another powerful powder to our trusted product portfolio, bringing customers with quat restrictions an alternative to Sterilex Ultra Step. Contact us if you are interested […]

Die Wissenschaft hinter unserer leistungsstarken ProvaStride™-Chemie

A Novel Approach ProvaStride’s patent-pending technology is truly unique. Using sodium percarbonate and tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) our chemistry team created a powerful new powder formula that generates in-situ peracetic acid (PAA). Sodium percarbonate and TAED alone don’t have much efficacy against pathogens when used in small quantities, but together, when ambient moisture is present, they create […]