DIN Reg. #02402432

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP Solution 1 & 2, uses our proprietary PerQuat® technology to enhance sanitation and kill resistant microorganisms throughout Clean-In-Place systems. It can be used in all types of CIP systems, including dryers, fillers, evaporators, homogenizers, HTST & DMC machines. By eliminating resistant harborage niches and spoilage organisms from CIP systems, Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP Solution 1 & 2 can increase shelf life. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that using our proprietary PerQuat technology as part of a poultry brine injector line sanitation program can increase finished product shelf-life of raw dark poultry meat by at least 5 days.

This product is also available in the U.S.

Kompatibilität der Materialien

Material Kompatibilität
304 Edelstahl kompatibel
316 Edelstahl kompatibel
Kupfer kompatibel
Carbon Steel halb-kompatibel
Cast Iron nicht kompatibel
Galvanized nicht kompatibel
Brass nicht kompatibel
Aluminum nicht kompatibel
HDPE kompatibel
LDPE kompatibel
Polyethylen kompatibel
Polypropylen kompatibel
PVC kompatibel
Teflon kompatibel
Kalrez kompatibel
Delrin kompatibel
EPDM kompatibel
BUNA-N kompatibel
PET kompatibel
Viton halb-kompatibel
Polycarbonate nicht kompatibel


Produkt Code
Solution 1: 5 GAL/18.9L 0018CIP1
Solution 1: 55 GAL/208L 0208CIP1
Solution 1: 275 GAL/1041L 1041CIP1
Solution 2: 5 GAL/18.9L 0018CIP2
Solution 2: 55 GAL/208L 0208CIP2
Solution 2: 275 GAL/1041L 1041CIP2

Frequently Asked Questions

Why types of systems does this product work with?

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP Solution 1 & 2 can be used in most low-medium agitation CIP systems without extensive spray balls. Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP will still foam at agitation points and needs defoaming action to take place prior to circulation to prevent pump cavitation.

Is your product compatible with membrane cleaning?

No, the PerQuat technology is not compatible with membrane technology.