The Sterilex team is excited to attend Midwest Poultry Federation PEAK in Minneapolis April 17–19. PEAK is the largest trade show and convention in North America focused exclusively on the business and food production of poultry.

Waterline disinfection und Kontrolle von Krankheitserregern im Eingangsbereich are critical parts of a biosecurity plan, especially as avian influenza continues to be an issue in the United States. Stop by Booth 1154 to learn we can help enhance your biosecurity program and protect your flock.


MPF’s primary purpose is to host an annual convention emphasizing on-farm poultry production. The convention’s goal is to offer cutting-edge information to attendees through a balanced offering of exhibits and educational workshops.

In 2022, the MPF Board rebranded its show name to PEAK, which stands for Profitability, Experience, Advancement and Knowledge.

All revenue (after expenses are paid) generated by PEAK and any other events MPF holds throughout the year is donated to various poultry organizations for research and educational activities as well as back to MPF’s member organizations.

Look for us at the event or email us with your biosecurity questions!

Zach Hayter

Nordamerikanischer Verkaufsleiter

Megan Macy

Marketing Manager