Sterilex is excited to announce that its “Sterilex” trademark application has been allowed in Canada.  In addition, Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 and 2 as well as Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP Solution 1 and 2 have received  a DIN to be sold as disinfectants and sanitizers in Canada.  Sterilex Ultra Powder has been submitted for final regulatory approval as a food manufacturing plant dry floor sanitizer.

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 and 2 is a two-part broad spectrum disinfectant/cleaner and sanitizer based on Sterilex’s award winning PerQuat® technology.  Products based on PerQuat technology are EPA registered in the US as disinfectants and sanitizers with unique claims to penetrate and remove biofilm.  In October, 2009, the USDA-ARS published a study wherein the researcher concluded, “(PerQuat) is more effective than currently used disinfectants in reducing L. monocytogenes biofilm growth…”  For the past 15 years, Sterilex PerQuat based products have been used by major US food manufacturers to enhance sanitation programs, increase product shelf life, and solve microbial challenges.

Sterilex Ultra-Kleen CIP Solution 1 and 2 is a low-foaming PerQuat solution specifically designed for traditional CIP systems as well as brine/needle injection applications.  Sterilex Ultra Powder is a single part PerQuat-based product marketed as a dry floor sanitizer with unique efficacy against resistant organisms such as Listeria, Salmonellay E. coli.

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Sterilex® and PerQuat® are registered trademarks of Sterilex.