IAFP 2019 Highlights

The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting and Expo is always one of the highlights of Sterilex’s year, and the 2019 iteration did not disappoint. This meeting provides countless opportunities for attendees to network, discuss the latest issues in food safety, and discover new solutions to move business and food safety efforts forward. We’ve recapped some of our favorite moments from Louisville here.

Dry Sanitation Methods & Thought Leadership

Sterilex President, Alex Josowitz, delivered a presentation entitled Dry Sanitation: Preventing Cross-Contamination on Floors & Entryways to a standing room only audience on Tuesday July 23rd. The presentation addressed three key points:

  1. Biofilms persist in dry environments.
  2. Any water introduction can cause challenges in dry food processing facilities.
  3. Registered dry floor sanitizers are a valuable tool for floor and entryway microbial control.

The slides are included here for anyone that missed the presentation in person, and of course, feel free to Contacto if you’re interested in learning more about dry floor sanitizers.

In addition to Alex’s presentation, Chairwoman & Founder Shira Kramer served as an organizer and/or convenor for two sessions on Wednesday, July 24th: “Novel and Emerging Technologies for Improving Sanitation” and “Biofilm and Low-water Activity Foods.” Both of these sessions were well attended and addressed some important issues related to food safety. To check out any of the presentations from IAFP, visit the IAFP website.

Finally, Rong Wang—a Research Microbiologist at USDA—tested the efficacy of Sterilex products against E. coli y Salmonella enterica biofilms and presented the results during an IAFP poster session. Dr. Wang’s poster and results are available for viewing here.

At IAFP 2019 - Tracy with a booth visitor demonstrating Indicon Gel

IAFP 2019 Expo & Tradeshow

A special thank you to everyone that came out and visited with the Sterilex team at our booth. We were thrilled with the turnout! The booth’s theme revolved around ways that Sterilex is Raising the Bar and featured a variety of multimedia and product demo stations.  Some of the items we highlighted at the booth included:

  • COP part soaking program
  • Interactive demonstration of Gel Indicon
  • Ultra Step, our EPA registered dry floor sanitizer

We also hosted a raffle for two portable Bose speakers. We selected winners back at the home office. Congratulations to our winners Michael from Ajinomoto Foods and Rico from Pepsico!

If you’re curious, you can watch Alex Josowitz select the winners here:

We look forward to seeing everyone at IAFP 2020!