¿Luchas contra los microbios positivos recurrentes? La culpa puede ser del biofilm.

Los patógenos persistentes o recurrentes son una de las amenazas más comunes para la higiene y la salud en la producción de alimentos. E. coli, Salmonella y Listeria pueden acechar en zonas difíciles de desinfectar, como desagües, tablas de cortar, cortadoras, picadoras y túneles de refrigeración.

Eliminating these pathogens is made even trickier by the presence of biofilm, a thin but robust grouping of cells that stick together, embedded in a self-produced matrix of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS). This EPS structure gives bacteria and other microorganisms a protective home that helps pathogens resist disinfection. And, although they can grow anywhere, they flourish in moist environments and are often protected by the inaccessibility of the nooks and crannies of food production equipment.

So, how do you make sure your food preparation area is really free from harmful bacteria? To solve your toughest microbiological challenges, you need to penetrate biofilm and kill the bacteria within. This requires unique cleaning solutions. Traditional sanitation methods and standard disinfectants cannot effectively penetrate biofilm and kill the bacteria thriving inside. Plus, it’s not practical to try and hand scrub unreachable areas like your brine injector, air units, and more. However, you can level up your cleaning chemicals to effectively fight biofilm hotspots and harbourage niches (those nooks and crannies we mentioned earlier).

What is ProvaCharge?

Sterilex’s ProvaCharge is different from other disinfectants on the market because it targets stubborn bacteria where they live — in the biofilm. Not only is it a significant step to a more hygienic space, it also reduces labour and resources, including time and energy, that otherwise would have been wasted on ineffective and inefficient sanitising efforts. ProvaCharge Foam delivers biofilm and sporicidal disinfection — including proven efficacy against Listeria biopelículas.

The best part? It only takes 10 minutes for foodborne pathogens to be eliminated on a nonporous surface, leaving you more time to focus on your operation and more time for production to be up and running. Biofilms cost businesses billions every year through product contamination and more. With Sterilex’s ProvaCharge, you can minimise risks and stop recurring issues.

ProvaCharge in action:

ProvaCharge provides an effective solution to a pressing and commonly found problem: food production hygiene. Recently, Sterilex was contacted by a leading pork processing company to assist in penetrating biofilms and eradicating biofilm bacteria when conventional disinfection methods were insufficient in killing biofilm bacteria.

The plant conducted a comprehensive trial of ProvaCharge Foam against their standard cleaning procedure utilising common disinfectant chemistries. During the trial, the plant used ProvaCharge Foam to treat a cutting line as part of a multi-day shock treatment.

The results of the case study showed that ProvaCharge Foam:

  • Demonstrated its ability to effectively penetrate biofilms and significantly reduce microbial presence on various surfaces.
  • Decreased bacteria* concentration on a troublesome line.
  • Enhanced food safety and improved the food processor’s hygiene standards by playing a pivotal role in reducing harmful pathogens.

That’s because:

  • ProvaCharge eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria** associated with recontamination — attacking bacteria where it lives, grows, is protected and replicates — inside biofilm.
  • ProvaCharge works in ambient water temperatures — eliminating the constant need for hot water.

By leveraging the latest technology and embracing ProvaCharge as a specialised disinfectant, the pork processing facility has elevated their reputation as an industry leader, setting an example for other pork processors throughout the United Kingdom to prioritise food safety through the adoption of innovative solutions.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
* Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas y Salmonella
**Product efficacy claims include those listed above as well as Listeria, Listeria biofilms, and more. Contact Sterilex for a full list of organisms.

salchichas en una cinta transportadora en una planta de procesado de carne de cerdo

Estudio de caso

La espuma ProvaCharge resuelve microproblemas complejos en instalaciones porcinas
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Preocupación: Cherryfield Ltd., una empresa líder en el procesamiento de carne de cerdo, se puso en contacto con Sterilex para que le ayudara a penetrar en las biopelículas y erradicar las bacterias de biopelícula.
Solución: Un ensayo completo de Espuma ProvaCharge como parte de un tratamiento de choque de varios días en la línea de corte.

ProvaCharge solves complex food hygiene challenges

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