Recommended SSOP for Drains

Solución limpiadora desinfectante Sterilex Ultra 1 (Solution 1) used in conjunction with Solución activadora Sterilex Ultra (Solution 2), is designed to enhance an existing sanitation program and solve the most difficult sanitation challenges. Implementation of a comprehensive Sterilex drain program has been proven to eliminate environmental positives, treat harborage niches, kill biofilm bacteria and remove biofilm.

Reminder: Drain sanitation should be conducted after proper cleaning of equipment, environmental surfaces, and floors.


  1. For floor drains, remove the basket from the drain and empty gross debris into a waste receptacle.
  2. For drain cavities containing heavy fats and grease, foam drain with a caustic cleaner and follow with a thorough water rinse. If heavy fats and greases are not present Solution 1 and Solution 2 act as a one-step cleaner/ disinfectant/ biofilm removal agent for drains.

Sanitation + Biofilm Removal with Sterilex PerQuat® Liquids

  1. Add 12.8 oz of Solution 1 and 12.8 oz of Solution 2 per gallon of water (1:1:10) to the tank foamer.
  2. Recommendation: Attach stainless steel drain foam attachment to a dedicated tank foamer.
  3. Place the drain attachment disk over the top of the drain and apply foam to the drain until the entire drain cavity is covered by thick, shaving cream-type foam.
  4. For floor drains, replace the basket and foam until the basket is covered with foam.
  5. There is no need to rinse the drain following the application of Solution 1 and Solution 2. The foam should subside in 10–15 minutes.
  6. When the foam has dissipated, add a ProvaGrate drain ring (pictured) for extended protection between treatments.

Usage Notes

  1. Once mixed, the Sterilex solution MUST be used within 8 hours.
  2. Water temperature should be in the range of 100°F to 145°F.
  3. When beginning a treatment program, Sterilex recommends a shock treatment, foaming drains daily for 1–2 weeks. After shock treatment, plants typically reduce usage to 1–2 times per week, or as demanded by a microbial monitoring program.

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