Sterilex is excited to attend this year’s NAMI Meat Industry Food Safety Conference in Kansas City, MO. Grab some time with us to learn how to control key foodborne pathogens like Salmonella y Escherichia coli in your protein processing plant with Sterilex Ultra Step.

Event Details

As the premier event covering all aspects of food safety in the meat industry, the Meat Industry Food Safety Conference will provide expert instruction, sharing of best practices, research updates, and much more! This year’s event will deliver a comprehensive program on the most critical food safety-related topics and plenty of time for networking and discussion. Topics include Salmonella virulence and prevalence, whole-genome sequencing, antimicrobial interventions, bio mapping, sanitation, recall prevention, and employee engagement. See the full agenda here.

Look for us at the event or email us now with your sanitation questions!

Kesha Booth

Commercial Development Manager, Protein