Sterilex will be attending The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) conference and exhibition on BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety – Issue 9, 27th February in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Talk to us to learn how you can supercharge your expectations of what a disinfectant can do with ProvaCharge™ Foam, our two-part product that helps you to improve shelf-life and product quality by solving complex micro issues throughout your food processing facility, even when challenging biofilms are present

About the Event

This conference will focus on areas of the BRCGS standard which continue to present a challenge to food manufacturers, based on the non-conformities identified during the last 12 months of auditing against BRCGS issue 9.

It will bring together industry expertise on the common pre-requisite elements of the standard that have most frequently been found lacking, and will include those actually dealing with the issues and the auditors that operate on the front-line of food safety.

This event offers a timely reminder of the importance of a robust pre-requisite management programme, as a critical foundation for food safety, to all quality managers, hygiene professionals, auditors and specialist consultants.

Look for me at the event or email with your sanitation questions.

Paul Anderson

Technical Applications Consultant, Europe