Level Up Your Food Hygiene Program with Sterilex’s ProvaCharge™

ProvaCharge mejora los programas de higiene alimentaria

Fighting recurring microbial positives? Biofilm may be to blame. Stubborn or recurring pathogens are one of the most common threats to hygiene and health when it comes to food production. E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria can lurk in hard-to-sanitise areas like drains, cutting boards, slicers, mincing machines and cooling tunnels. Eliminating these pathogens is made […]

Si su botella de agua puede enfermarle, ¿qué cree que hacen sus conductos de agua a su ganado?

Are you guilty of not washing your water bottle or reusable straw after every use? Over the past several years there have been a number of news articles reporting on studies suggesting your reusable water bottle could be making you sick. Did you know that some water bottles contain more bacteria than an average home toilet seat? Water collects on the lip or spout of the bottle (or the straw) and creates the perfect warm, moist breeding ground for bacteria.

Calidad del agua para pollos de engorde

One of the best ways to prevent disease and optimize performance in your broiler operation is to make sure your water supply is clean and waterlines are in good condition. Feed and water consumption are strongly correlated, and water consumption can be an indicator of flock health and performance. Water quality also has a direct […]