In the dairy industry, production facilities wage a daily battle against foodborne pathogens to keep products abundant, available and safe for consumers. From fluid milk to cultured plants, dairy facilities struggle against unique challenges on both their environmental and food contact surfaces. Sterilex products can give plants the edge against biofilm and resistant pathogens, providing the final key tool in their food safety plan.

Product Benefits

Sterilex products can:

  • Remove biofilm and kill biofilm-causing bacteria in processing facilities
  • Control foodborne pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes on food contact and environmental surfaces
  • Control pathogens in low-moisture and full wet-clean environments
  • Eliminate spore-forming bacteria
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Reduce labor hours
  • Increase worker safety

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Find out why our PerQuat® Technology is the power behind our products.

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Food Contact Surfaces
Low/Medium Agitation CIP Systems
Walls and Floors
Overhead Air Units and Structures
Low-moisture Sanitization
Entryway Control