For industrial process water systems and open re-circulating or closed loop water systems, Sterilex offers proprietary products specifically designed to remove biofilm and prevent biofouling. By fully eliminating biofilm growth in water systems, Sterilex products allow these systems to operate more efficiently and prevent harmful microbial contamination.

Our Products

  • Remove biofilm and buildup in cooling systems
  • Restore lost energy efficiency by removing insulating biofilm
  • Prevent premature equipment failure due to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)
  • Control algae, fungus and mold
  • Kill tough, resistant pathogens in biofilm

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Find out why our PerQuat® Technology is the power behind our products.

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HVAC Units, Cooling Coils, Cooling Tunnels
Pulp and Paper Mills
Textile Dye Machines
Air Washing Systems
Water Reservoir Tanks
Steam Sterilizer Water Reservoirs
Injectors and Heat Exchangers
Industrial Equipment Used to Store and Convey Industrial Process Water or Aqueous Mixtures