Use of Sterilex PerQuat® Solutions in Floor Scrubbers

Treatment Value

Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 (Solution 1) used in conjunction with Sterilex Ultra Aktivator Lösung (Solution 2) function as a hard surface disinfectant. Applying the solution with a floor scrubber allows for one step cleaning and disinfection on floor surfaces.

After cleaning, Sterilex Ultra Step oder ProvaStride sind zwei Optionen für EPA-registrierte trockene Bodenreinigungsmittel, die direkt auf Produktionsböden aufgetragen werden können, um diese zusätzlich vor Kreuzkontaminationen zu schützen. Beide Produkte sind so formuliert, dass sie die Bodenhaftung erhöhen und ein Ausrutschen verhindern. See the product application guides for more information.

Protocol for Maintenance Treatment

Maintenance treatment is generally conducted at a minimum frequency of once per week and at a concentration of 12.8–16.0 fl oz of each solution per gallon of water. Refer to the products’ technical data sheets to ensure material compatibility with scrubber parts.

  1. Clean floor by removing all large particles and gross visible soils from the floor surface.
  2. Mix a solution consisting of Solution 1 (use Sterilex Ultra CIP if low foaming is desired), Solution 2 (use Ultra Soft Metal Activator if using on compatible* soft metals) and water. The solution should be mixed at a rate of 12.8–16.0 fl oz of Solution 1 or Sterilex Ultra CIP and 12.8–16.0 fl oz of Solution 2 per gallon of water.
    • Add the proper amount of both chemicals to the correct volume of water in the scrubber.
    • Mix the solution. If possible, agitate to ensure proper mixing.
  3. Apply the Sterilex solution to the floor using the scrubber. Add additional mixed solution when necessary. Allow floor to remain visibly wet for 10 minutes.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the floor scrubber holding tank, and fill with potable water.
  5. Apply water to the floor surface, using the scrubber.

*See Ultra Soft Metal Activator compatibility chart.

Usage Notes
Sterilex recommends to use products within 8 hours of mixing. If a mixture must be used after 8 hours, use testing kit to ensure appropriate active ingredient concentration. Mix as much solution as needed for the specific application.

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