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Sterilex’s patented, proprietary PerQuat technology is the first and only chemistry with Produkte approved by the EPA to kill biofilm bacteria and remove Biofilm in food processing, animal drinking lines and industrial applications. It has the unique ability to penetrate the biofilm, collapse the protective matrix, kill pathogenic microorganisms (such as Listerien, E. coli, Salmonellenund Pseudomonas), and chemically scrub the structure from a surface.

The active ingredients in PerQuat technology are based on quaternary ammonium compounds (commonly referred to as quat) and Hydrogen Peroxide. The primary role of quat is to serve as a phase transfer agent, combining with the peroxide ion to form a “PerQuat” molecule. This synergistic combination gives Sterilex products their unique biofilm penetration efficacy and provides a powerful level of performance through multiple physical and chemical mechanisms of action, including hydrolysis and oxidation. PerQuat-based products are available in solid oder liquid form.


The Power of PerQuat Technology

1) Attacks and bombards biofilm. 2) Penetrates the outer layer. 3) Destroys and eliminates biofilm by a unique combination of oxidation, hydrolysis and solubilization.


Protection from biofilm is twofold: prevention and destruction. Simply killing free-swimming and surface-level biofilm-related microorganisms, without removing the biofilm structure from a surface, can result in rapid recolonization of organisms from inside the remaining biofilm matrix. Sterilex’s proprietary PerQuat technology not only provides broad spectrum kill of free-swimming and biofilm organisms, it also breaks up and removes the biofilm structure, preventing recolonization. The multiple physical and chemical mechanisms of action of PerQuat reduces the risk of microbial resistance to Sterilex products.