DIN Reg. #02463598

Sterilex Ultra Soft Metall-Aktivator is used with Sterilex Ultra Soft Metal Disinfectant Cleaner to create a solution which is compatible with a wide array of soft metals, such as aluminum (see Compatibility Chart on the catalog sheet, under the Resources section).

Sterilex Ultra Soft Metal Activator and Sterilex Ultra Soft Metal Disinfectant Cleaner can be used in place of Sterilex Ultra-Kleen Solution 1 & 2 and is ideal for use on aluminum surfaces such as freezer coils, refrigeration units, and HVAC systems.


This product is effective against organisms such as Listerien, Salmonellenund Escherichia coli (E. coli).

Tested safe on most commonly used aluminum and other soft metal surfaces such as spiral freezers, cooling units, coils, refrigeration units and HVAC systems.

This product is also available in the U.S.

Kompatibilität der Materialien

Material Kompatibilität
Aluminium 1100 kompatibel
Aluminium 5052 kompatibel
Aluminium 3003 kompatibel
Aluminium 7075 halb-kompatibel
304 Edelstahl kompatibel
316 Edelstahl kompatibel
Bronze kompatibel
Kupfer kompatibel
Messing halb-kompatibel
Kohlenstoffstahl halb-kompatibel
Gusseisen nicht kompatibel
Verzinkt nicht kompatibel
HDPE kompatibel
LDPE kompatibel
Polyethylen kompatibel
Polypropylen kompatibel
Plexiglas (Acryl) kompatibel
PVC kompatibel
Teflon kompatibel
Kalrez kompatibel
Delrin (Polyacetal) kompatibel
EPDM kompatibel
BUNA-N kompatibel
PET kompatibel
Viton halb-kompatibel
Polycarbonat nicht kompatibel


Produkt Code
Cleaner: 5 GAL/18.9L 0018USM1
Cleaner: 55 GAL/208L 0208USM1
Cleaner: 275 GAL/1041L 1041USM1
Activator: 5 GAL/18.9L 0018USM2
Activator: 55 GAL/208L 0208USM2
Activator: 275 GAL/1041L 1041USM2