Based on proprietary PerQuat® chemistry, ViveStep is applied dry and designed to sanitize floors and boots — and reduce cross-contamination — in animal research facilities including those housing cows, swine, primates and rabbits.

Im Gegensatz zu Bleichmitteln und anderen flüssigen Fußbadreinigern ist ViveStep sehr gut materialverträglich und greift das Schuhwerk nicht an. Außerdem erhöht es nicht das Risiko von Rutschverletzungen. ViveStep ist geruchlos und bietet dauerhaften Schutz mit leicht nachprüfbaren Wirkstoffen, die bei richtiger Anwendung bis zu 8 Wochen stabil bleiben.

  • Anwendungen
    • Entryways
    • Around Drains + Floor Cracks
    • Foot Pans + Floor Mats

Kompatibilität der Materialien

Material Kompatibilität
304 Edelstahl kompatibel
316 Edelstahl kompatibel
Galvanized kompatibel
Brass |Severe oxidation| nicht kompatibel
Aluminum 6061 kompatibel
Aluminum 7075 kompatibel
Mild/Cold-rolled Steel A366 |Severe oxidation| nicht kompatibel
Cast Iron |Can cause rusting| nicht kompatibel
Dairy Brick kompatibel
Flowcrete (Flowfresh HF) kompatibel
Flowcrete (Flowfresh SL) kompatibel
Epoxy-coated concrete block kompatibel
Acrylic-coated concrete block kompatibel
Sealed concrete block kompatibel
Ceramic tile kompatibel
Vinyl tile |Tacky feel - Light color stains| nicht kompatibel


Campylobacter jejuni
Cronobacter sakazakii
Escherichia coli
Salmonella enterica
Avian influenza A
Felines Calicivirus
Newcastle disease virus
PED virus
Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRS)


Produkt Code
2lb sleeves (case of 12) 30310100
10 lb pail 30310101
100 lb drum 30310102
400 lb drum 30310103

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product require water to activate?

ViveStep requires moisture to become active, but this does not have to come from added water. Generally, if there is enough active moisture in an environment to have microbial concerns, there is enough moisture to activate ViveStep to kill those organisms.

Will this product impact my wastewater?

In almost all cases no. However, because Quaternary Ammonium is one of the active ingredients in Sterilex Ultra Step, there is potential for adverse downstream effects. When the amount to cause damage is calculated, it typically vastly exceeds the Sterilex Ultra Step quantity on site so there is no real risk of negative impacts. ???Please reach out to your Sterilex representative with any questions about wastewater systems and Sterilex products.???

How often should I apply ViveStep?

Most facilities re-apply daily but depending on the amount of foot traffic through an area this amount can vary. Some facilities may need to reapply ViveStep up to once per shift to ensure all footwear is properly covered.