The Sterilex team is headed to the Food Northwest Process and Packaging Expo 2024. Connect with them to learn how Sterilex PerQuat®-Technologie bekämpft das Problem der Kreuzkontamination an der Quelle - dem Biofilm. Our products not only kill pathogens found in biofilm, but also penetrate and remove the biofilm structure. Removing biofilm and killing biofilm-forming pathogens can increase shelf life, reduce the risk of product recalls and drive operational efficiency.

Über die Veranstaltung

The Food Northwest Process and Packaging Expo is the largest regional food manufacturing trade show in the United States. The convention hosts exhibits featuring the latest technologies and innovative solutions, valuable networking with new and established colleagues, and cutting-edge education, including interactive sessions.

Look for us at the event or email us now with your sanitation questions!

Joe McGuire

Technischer Anwendungsberater, Südwest

Matt Menacher

Technischer Anwendungsberater, Nord