Looking to Cut Sanitation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality? Start with Drains.

Sterilex PerQuat® technology helps eliminate harmful biofilm bacteria and odors that thrive in drains — all without hand scrubbing. In a recent trial at a poultry Ready-to-Eat facility, it took sanitation about 15 minutes to clean each drain with a procedure that included manually scrubbing drains or spraying with high-pressure water. This not only takes time, but can also aerosolize bacteria, spreading pathogens around the plant – including food contact surfaces.

By switching to PerQuat technology, the crew was able to cut cleaning time down to 5-7 minutes for each drain, eliminating manual scrubbing. Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution create a thick foam that clings to drains, penetrating and removing biofilm and eliminating foodborne pathogens in 10 minutes. Simply fill the drain with foam and walk away — there is no need for a final rinse.

Why Clean Industrial Drains Matter — The Listeria Story

Drains are a common breeding ground for bacteria and spoilage organisms. In fact, nearly 30% of drains in Ready-to-Eat (RTE) facilities test positive for Listeria, posing a major cross-contamination risk in food processing plants. Yet, drains are often overlooked or mismanaged with ineffective chemical treatment.

Listeria monocytogenes causes approximately 1600 illnesses and 260 deaths annually in the United States, according to the CDCOne study published in the NIH National Library of Medicine estimated that in 2010 listeriosis resulted in 23,150 illnesses and 5,463 deaths globally. A strong drain management program is a critical component of a strong Listeria management program.


Operational Benefits of Sterilex Drain Management Program

Reduce Labor and Save Time

Eliminate manual scrubbing

Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

Avoid aerosolizing bacteria with manual scrubbing or high pressure water

Increase Product Shelf Life

Eliminate spoilage organisms

Eliminate Biofilm

with PerQuat technology

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