Rapid detection of microbial “hot-spots” is critical to sanitation verification and quality assurance. Today’s food processing and food service facilities must take extra precautions to protect against unseen microbial threats. Indicon Gel is a quick and accurate way to make the Invisible… Visible.

Indicon Gel provides a cost-effective, rapid visual indication of the presence of biofilm on a surface which may contain harmful microorganisms such as ListeriaEscherichia coli (E. coli) or Salmonella. When the product comes into contact with biofilm, Indicon Gel rapidly produces white micro-bubbles/foam within 2 minutes, providing a visual indicator of potential harborage niches.

Note: The lack of a positive reaction from Indicon Gel does not guarantee that the surface is free from microorganisms. Indicon Gel is not meant to take the place of routine microbial monitoring or organism-specific diagnostic tests.

Material Compatibility

Material Compatibility
Al 1100 compatible
Al 5052 compatible
Al 3003 compatible
Carbon Steel compatible
SS 304 compatible
SS 316 compatible
HDPE compatible
LDPE compatible
Polypropylene compatible
PVC compatible
Teflon (PTFE) compatible
Delrin (Acetyl) compatible
Lexan (Polycarbonate) compatible
Makrolon (Polycarbonate) compatible
PET (Mylar) compatible
Viton compatible
BUNA-N compatible
Bronze |Minor staining on surfaces| semi-compatible
Copper |Staining on surfaces| not-compatible
Brass |Staining on surfaces| not-compatible
Natural Rubber |Tackiness and staining on surfaces| not-compatible
Galvanized Steel |Corrosion| not-compatible

Product Codes

Product Code
Case of 4 x inner cartons IND-128
Case of 8 x 14.5 oz bottles + 8 Trigger Sprayers