Important Things to Look for On an EPA Label

Top 5 things to look for on an EPA label We know most people skim product labels and many never actually read the detailed label instructions. We get it, EPA labels can be overwhelming, but the benefits of using EPA-registered products are only effective if the label is followed correctly. Knowing that we all skim […]

Los productos Sterilex están registrados en la EPA, ¿y qué?

At Sterilex, we develop innovative technologies and solutions to control microbial threats and maintain healthy environments. Our products control pathogens, enhance well-being, ensure product integrity, and increase productivity in the industries we serve. It is very important to us that our products perform the way they are designed to and truly safeguard our food supply, […]

EPA Registration and Active vs. Inert Chemistry

The world of chemistry, like life, is full of things that may appear straightforward at first glance, but upon deeper inspection reveal more nuance and a disregard for rigid “rules.” Contrast that with the world of chemical and pesticide regulations, and you have a recipe for confusion. The straightforward explanation of active and inert chemicals […]