Make the most of your time — Clean and Sanitize Floors at once and Reduce Cross-Contamination Across your Food Facility Floor

Clean floors are essential for food processing plants. Even with the best hygienic zoning policies in place, production floors are the largest vector for cross-contamination and create a pathogen risk on your plant floor. Some of the most overlooked harborage niches in a plant can be found in equipment footings and door thresholds. Sterilex PerQuat® technology attacks cross-contamination issues at its source — biofilm.

Keeping a food plant clean is everyone’s responsibility — not just sanitation. Maintaining a clean environment and addressing spills while lines are running can be challenging. Sterilex Ultra Cleaner Disinfectant Solution 1 combined with Sterilex Ultra Activator serves as an all-in-one cleaner + sanitizer. By switching to PerQuat technology, operations can keep floors clean and sanitize without pausing production.

An added bonus, reducing the microbial load going into sanitation enables you to spend your time targeting harborage niches and can help turn lines more quickly — getting you pack up and running faster.

Once floors are clean, Sterilex Ultra Step or ProvaStride® are two options for EPA-registered dry floor sanitizers that can be applied directly to production floors for additional protection from cross-contamination. Both products are formulated to add traction and prevent slippage.

How Dry Processing Food Plants Can Benefit from a Floor Cleaning Program

Keeping floors clean and food safe is equally important in dry processing facilities — especially when total facility disinfection happens less frequently than in other facilities. Applying Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 and Sterilex Ultra Activator directly to the floor uses a minimum amount of moisture that can be isolated and managed to keep lines running longer.

Operational Benefits of a Sterilex Floor Cleaning Program

Save Time

Reduce micro loads to help decrease sanitation downtime

Keep floors clean and food safe

Clean and disinfect in one step

Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

Sterilex dry sanitizers fill in hard-to-reach areas and texture allows for complete coverage of surfaces (boots, floors, tires, wheels, etc.)

Eliminate Biofilm

With PerQuat technology

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