Pathogens can be easily spread throughout a facility by people and equipment, making doors and floors critical control points. You’ve worked hard to keep plant floors clean. Tap into the power of Sterilex Ultra Step for an extra layer of protection at entrances and on floors.


Increase your Operational Efficiency and Sustainability

Save Water.

Make every drop count with no more wasted water with doorway foamers. Switch to an EPA-registered solid floor sanitizer and make strides to meet corporate sustainability goals to reduce water usage. As an added benefit, Sterilex Ultra Step can be used on improperly pitched floors that don’t drain well and in areas where a drain isn’t nearby. Less water equals less micro-growth.

Save Money.

Make every dollar count and stop pouring money down the drain with excessive chemical usage. Sterilex Ultra Step is applied at a low use rate of 3.7 oz/100 square feet, making it an economical alternative to higher use rate products.

Save Time.

Make every minute count and quit wasting time titrating your doorway foamer or battling to maintain equipment. Sterilex Ultra Step is easy to apply and, depending on your facility, may only need to be reapplied daily. Replenish as needed to ensure footwear and tires are properly covered, but only replace if the product is fully dissolved or visibly dirty.

Save Equipment.

Make every dollar count and save on equipment costs—no equipment maintenance or compressed air needed. Sterilex Ultra Step is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces and is perfect for poor-quality floors. It is easily applied either by hand into a floor mat or with a spreader for wide distribution.


Sterilex Ultra Step Water Savings Calculator

Find out how much water you’ll save by switching from doorway foamers to powder, then sign up for a free consultation to maximize sustainability and operational savings.

Sterilex Ultra Step


Solid floor sanitizer proven to kill food pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Eshericia coli, Salmonella enterica, Cronobacter sakazakki, Camplylobacter jejuni, and more.


Blue granules are easy to identify and small enough to fill in hard-to-reach areas. Texture allows for complete coverage of surfaces (boots, floors, tires, wheels, etc.).

Replenish. Don't Replace.

Active ingredients remain stable longer than competitive products and, in general, can be used at a much lower use rate than traditional floor treatments. Replenish as product is tracked out to ensure complete coverage. Replace if product is fully dissolved or visibly dirty.


Formulated to add traction and prevent slippage. Lower oxidizer content than competitive products without sacrificing efficacy.


Quickly test and verify active ingredients are still stable.

Entryway control/foot mats
Plant floors (good for cracked or poor floors)
Low-moisture processing areas (no additional water needed)
Trash areas
Construction project barriers

Save by switching to Sterilex Ultra Step

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