In the fall of 2021, Sterilex established an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee to support its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and sustainability. By proactively managing key ESG risks and opportunities, Sterilex will continue its leadership in preventing disease, enhancing well-being, ensuring product integrity and increasing productivity in the industries they serve.

“We identified target areas where we have the best opportunity for impact, from contributing to a safer food supply chain and leading product innovation and sustainability efforts to strengthening our team and work culture,” said committee lead and Director of Human Resources, Andrea Harmon.

The following four pillars form part of our ESG management plan for 2022.

  1. Product Innovation + Sustainability

We are committed to leading the industry in forward-thinking sanitation solutions focused on sustainability. In 2022, we will:

  • Allocate 75% of the Sterilex NPD budget towards innovative products that have more robust sustainability benefits, while continuing to reduce foodborne pathogens
  • Evaluate raw materials used in Sterilex products in terms of their toxicity, global regulatory status and overall impact on consumers
  • Develop products that are better for the environment (produce better water discharge)
  • Identify ways to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals
  • Define and report on water savings driven by the use of Sterilex products
  1. Food Safety, Supply + Efficiency

Driven by a focus on integrity and leadership, we are proud to deliver products and services that make a difference for humanity. In 2022, we commit to:

  • Provide ROI tools that help customers quantify water, money, time, labor and equipment savings
  • Develop and implement a supplier code of conduct
  • Produce products that continue to reduce foodborne pathogens, spoilage organisms and biofilm, reducing food waste and increasing food shelf life
  1. Philanthropic Endeavors

Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond food safety. We also strive to make a positive impact locally and globally. This year, we will better align our philanthropic efforts to our mission by providing employees with opportunities to:

  • Judge local science fairs
  • Mentor and educate children on the importance of science and sanitation
  • Support global water access and conservation efforts
  • Donate at least 100 hours of employee time to giving back to our communities
  1. Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI)

We commit to fostering a collaborative, diverse and equitable culture woven through all aspects of our business and pledge to:

  • Ensure that the current number of women in leadership positions (over 50%) never drops below 30%
  • Pursue diverse recruiting channels for all open positions
  • Conduct regular and consistent pay audits to ensure equity on all levels
CEO, Alex Josowitz, sums up the connection between our longstanding mission and current ESG commitments saying, “Since its inception, Sterilex has remained committed to the development of differentiated antimicrobial products specifically designed to eliminate resistant foodborne pathogens as well as increase productivity and environmental sustainability for our customers. Aside from the ability of our product innovations to increase food shelf life and decrease the use of water, energy and labor in the food production process, environmental and social consciousness is tightly woven into the culture of our organization. We have internal committees specifically dedicated to giving back to our communities, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring our practices and policies support a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. ESG principles are fundamental components of our core values and are key drivers in our business decisions.”