Designed to remove and prevent additional buildup of mineral scale. Hard water and dirty, evaporative coolers make the perfect breeding ground for the buildup of mineral scale. FortiCool D-scaler reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of your cool cells.

Based on unique polymer technology, FortiCool D-scaler is designed to slowly release scale-fighting ingredients—improving cooling efficiency and pad life. For optimal performance, replace every 30 days.

  • Animal Health Applications
    • Evaporative coolers in poultry growing houses, swine barns, farrowing houses
    • HVAC units on hatchery roofs

Product Codes

Product Code
FortiCool D-scaler (24 units/case) 40600131

Frequently Asked Questions

Can FortiCool A and FortiCool D-scaler be used together?

Absolutely. FortiCool A and FortiCool D-scaler can be applied together in the same basin or individually based on your needs.

What is the active ingredient in FortiCool D-scaler?

FortiCool D-scaler is a unique, proprietary neutral pH cleanser. It is unique from other products because it is not an acid.

How does FortiCool D-scaler work?

FortiCool D-scaler puts mineral scale in suspension so it will not stick to the cell pads.

Does FortiCool D-scaler act as a chelator?

Yes, organic phosphate is an ingredient in FortiCool D-scaler, a known, effective chelating agent.

How often should I replace FortiCool D-scaler?

For optimal performance, replace every 30 days. It is important to drain sumps between each use.

When should I start using FortiCool D-scaler?

Place FortiCool D-scaler in the sump tank upon initial startup of your cool cell.

Will FortiCool D-scaler damage cell pads?

No, the solid, polymer strip will not damage cell pads and will not dissolve or clog drains.