Prevent Avian Influenza with a Strong Biosecurity Program

Wild water birds (like ducks and geese) can be infected with bird flu viruses, but usually do not get sick. However, they easily carry and spread the virus through their saliva, mucous and feces. This is why we typically see major Avian influenza outbreaks in the U.S. along the four major migratory flight paths. The best way to prevent Avian influenza is to have a strong biosecurity program that helps avoid sources of exposure.

Avian influenza biosecurity practices include:

  1. Properly use foot pans before entering houses.

    Walking through contaminated feces can easily spread Avian influenza. Not only is it imperative to use an EPA-registered product proven to inactivate Avian influenza, but it is also important to properly manage that product per labeled instructions. The format of the product matters too. While they can be effective, ingredients in liquid foot pan products quickly become inactivated in the presence of organic matter. Daily and sometimes even more frequent maintenance is needed to ensure the product is working.

    FortiGuard® is an EPA-registered solid floor sanitizer specifically designed to control pathogens and enhance biosecurity in live production environments. It is effective against Avian influenza and its non-slick, low dust, odorless profile maintains effective active ingredient levels for longer periods of time than traditional chlorine-based dry foot pan treatments. Our new 2lb. sleeve is a portioned amount for a standard foot pan and with proper management* can provide protection the entire length of a broiler flock.

  2. Reducing cross-contamination — especially through contaminated waterlines.

    All-in, all-out production systems aid in disease management and are most effective if a proper sanitation program is implemented. Waterline disinfection is a key practice for reducing cross-contamination of harmful pathogens between flocks. Waterlines create an ideal environment for biofilm-producing bacteria and other pathogens. FortiSolve® is an EPA-registered disinfectant labeled effective against Avian influenza. It was the first product on the market specifically tailored to sanitize, disinfect and remove biofilm in animal drinking lines.

  3. Protect poultry flocks from coming into contact with wild or migratory birds.

    One of the primary routes of transmission for wild birds is through contaminated surface water. Research shows that viruses — such as Avian influenza — can accumulate within a bacterial biofilm. Sterilex’s patented PerQuat® Technologie not only provides broad spectrum kill and removal of bacteria and viruses, it also breaks up and removes the biofilm structure, reducing repopulation on treated surfaces.

  4. Thoroughly clean and disinfect your facilities

    FortiSolve can also be used for total facility disinfection between flocks. Following the removal of gross soils, the two-part solution is mixed, diluted in water, and foamed or sprayed on surfaces. For environmental sanitation, this product can be fogged when used according to the label instructions.**


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Zach Hayter
Account Specialist, Animal Health

*Replace product if foot pan is flooded with water.
**Fogging can be used for control of odors. All surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with label directions prior to fogging. See product label for full label claims and usage instructions. Claim not approved in California.


Keeler, S. P., Berghaus, R. D., & Stallknecht, D. E. (2012). Persistence of low pathogenic avian influenza viruses in filtered surface water from waterfowl habitats in Georgia, USA. Journal of wildlife diseases, 48(4), 999–1009.