Umweltkontamination in Lebensmittelbetrieben

Environmental contamination in food facilities - image shows a blue background in front is a gavel, the circular block underneath reads "Food Law" there is a large apple behind the gavel. In front of the gavel is an illustration of the front columns of a courthouse

It’s the Law — You Can’t Produce Food in a Dirty Plant There is an entire page of the federal food code dedicated to what FDA defines as an “adulterated food,” i.e. a food that can make people sick. Most of the sections and subsections deal with additives (or lack of proper additives) to the […]

Patent für Sterilex Ultra Step erteilt

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Sterilex a patent for its surface treatment product, Sterilex Ultra Step. The patent, originally filled under patent application 20180105773, covers a unique method for surface treatment powder activation.