Our Technical Applications Specialist for Animal Health, Zach Hayter, is headed the Poultry Industry Council’s 2024 National Poultry Show, February 7–8 in London, Ontario. Grab some time with him to learn how FortiSolve™, based on patented PerQuat® technology, has the unique ability to penetrate and remove biofilm, kill pathogens and inactivate viruses from animal drinking lines.

Über die Veranstaltung

The National Poultry Show is presented in partnership with the Poultry Industry Council. With the successful move of last year’s event to an earlier date in the winter season to avoid potential impacts from spring migration seasons in Canada, The National Poultry Show, one of North America’s premier poultry trade shows, is looking forward to bringing together the best in the poultry industry with the latest in technology, innovations, and education.

Look for me at the event, or E-Mail now with questions!

Zach Hayter

Technical Applications Specialist, Animal Health