Floor Scrubber Dos and Don’ts: Keeping Your Facility Clean and Product Safe

Floor scrubbers play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. However, they are often ironically overlooked and neglected. Here are some essential dos and don’ts for using floor scrubbers effectively to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a clean food processing facility. Hygienic Zoning and Pathogen Migration Do: Implement hygienic zoning […]

10 Stellen, an denen Biofilm in Schweinefleischpflanzen zu finden ist

Wurst auf einem Förderband in einer Schweinefleischverarbeitungsanlage

Improving Food Safety in Pork Processing Protecting human health, minimizing food loss and food waste, and reducing equipment damage are top priorities for all food manufacturers, but protein processors face the most challenges when it comes to eliminating pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. A variety of factors such as incoming pathogen loads […]

Ein mikrobielles Positiv in Ihrem Abfluss. Was nun?

Trench Drain Cleaning with Sterilex

Finding a positive drain swab above your identified threshold when you are ready to start production is not how you want to start your day. As you work to identify the root cause of the issue, here are 3 things to evaluate and address in a Corrective Action Plan for floor drain cleaning and sanitation. […]

Die 3 größten Fehler in Ihrem Bodenablauf-Reinigungsprogramm

For years, sanitation crews have been manually cleaning floor drains in food manufacturing facilities. What if we said there is a way to better protect your product from contamination, while saving time and labor?  Here are three common mistakes in floor drain cleaning: Manual Scrubbing Drains create the ideal environment for biofilm to grow and […]

Sporenbildende Bakterien können eine harte, versteckte Bedrohung bei der Lebensmittelverarbeitung sein

Microscopic image of red, rod-shaped bacteria spores on a light blue background. Spore-forming bacteria can be a tough, hidden menace in food processing.

Bacteria survive in some of the toughest environments on Earth. One of the key ways it survives these harsh environments is its ability to form spores or Endospores. Mold and plant spores aid in reproduction. Endospores are similar in structure to mold and plant spores but serve to protect bacteria whereas spores in mold and […]

Are Biofilms Costing Your Operation?

round sphere made up of 100 dollar bills with a lit fuse coming out of the top. It looks like a bomb made up of cash.

Four Ways Biofilm Impacts Operational Efficiency Biofilm is a major concern to the food industry. Its invisibility and therefore lack of easy detection on food and non-food contact surfaces often leaves food processors uncertain over its presence or absence — especially when an unexpected microbial problem strikes an operation. Addressing microbial positives can be one […]