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Supercharge Your Expectations of What a Disinfectant Can Do

ProvaCharge™ attacks and kills bacteria where they live—in biofilm. Powered by patent-pending technology, ProvaCharge Foam is a two-part disinfectant designed for use on both food contact and non-food contact surfaces, allowing food processors to reduce the amount of PAA used without sacrificing efficacy.

Learn how a leading pork processing company in the U.K. solved their complex microbial issues and how a beef burger producer enhanced their food hygiene procedures to target biofilm with ProvaCharge Foam.

Why Choose ProvaCharge?

Strong Killing Power

Delivers superior biofilm and sporicidal disinfection—including proven efficacy against Listeria biofilms.

Sustainable Savings

Limit wastewater impact with lower rates of PAA and improve heat transfer efficiency; performs in ambient water temperatures.

Increase Product Shelf Life

Eliminate spoilage microorganisms that can adversely affect product quality and shelf-life.

Reduce Labour

Destroys biofilm and kills bacteria chemically without requiring manual scrubbing.

Reduce Sanitation Downtime

Kill food borne pathogens in 10-minutes on non-porous surfaces and eliminate the need to reclean.

Case Study

Learn how one food processing facility in the U.K. benefited from switching to ProvaCharge.
View the case study

ProvaCharge System—How it Works

Part 1(Chelants[Surfactants, Glycolic Acid + More]) + Part 2(Peracetic Acid[PAA])

For Corporate Sanitation Managers

Standardising SSOPs across your corporate network just got easier.

No one likes to get emergency calls for microbial positives. Standardising Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) across your corporate network just got easier.

Enhance PAA
When mixed at time of use, ProvaCharge penetrates and disinfects the biofilm matrix in one step so it can be washed away.

Quick Wins
Establish clean breaks in production. Eliminate up to 99.9999% biofilm associated with recontamination by destroying biofilms where pathogens live.

For Plant Managers

Get back to production faster and extend run times.

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Protect valuable equipment—soft metal safe technology helps reduce corrosion and wear
  • Reduced PAA to reduce wear and tear on equipment/gaskets, etc.
  • Performs in ambient water temperature

Decrease Plant’s Environmental Impact
Compatible with most wastewater systems

ProvaCharge Success Stories

Pork Processing Plant

Cherryfield, a leading pork processing company in the UK, needed help penetrating biofilms and eradicating biofilm bacteria detected on belt joints, butcher blocks, and cutting lines when conventional disinfection methods were insufficient.

Sterilex recommended a comprehensive trial of ProvaCharge Foam as part of a multi-day shock treatment on the cutting line.


ProvaCharge Foam solved these complex micro issues:

  • Penetrated biofilms and significantly reduced microbial presence on various surfaces.
  • Improved hygiene standards by decreasing bacteria concentration on Primals line.
  • Enhanced food safety by playing a pivotal role in reducing harmful pathogens.

Beef Burger Producer

Sterilex was approached by Select Poultry & Meat Ltd to enhance their current food hygiene procedures to target biofilm and secure more LTTC contracts.

ProvaCharge Foam was introduced as a weekly application to penetrate biofilm and eradicate biofilm bacteria.


ProvaCharge Foam enhanced their currensolved these complex micro issues:

  • Profound reduction in microbial counts by targeting pathogens within protective biofilms.
  • Ensured sustained microbial safety when apply weekly by breaking biofilm barriers.
  • Combined approach with traditional chemistry elevated microbial safety and positioned client as industry leader.

ProvaCharge Foam

Environmental Disinfection
Combine ProvaCharge F100 + P500
ProvaCharge Foam Containers

ProvaCharge Foam Applications

  • Environmental surfaces
  • Drains
  • Food processing equipment
  • Storage areas
  • Floors
  • Food contact surfaces (conveyor belts)

ProvaCharge Efficacy

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Solve your complex food hygiene
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