Our top priority is helping you safeguard our food supply to ensure human health. We are committed to providing you the tools and training you need to protect your brand, your employees and your customers.

As an industry leader in addressing sanitation and microbial challenges, our products are recommended by top food safety experts and mandated by some of the biggest names in the industry for use in numerous corporate-wide food processing sanitation programs.

Our Products

Sterilex products are proven to:

  • Remove biofilm and kill biofilm-forming pathogens
  • Increase shelf life
  • Reduce environmental positives
  • Reduce risk of product recalls
  • Reduce product losses/holds
  • Reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Drive process efficiency

Biofilms are the root cause of 60% of foodborne disease outbreaks. Sterilex is a total food safety solution provider with products specifically designed to detect and remove biofilm and kill high risk, zero-tolerance food pathogens from farm to fork.

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Find out why our PerQuat® Technology is the power behind our products.

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