Our top priority is helping you keep your animals healthy. Raising healthy animals not only limits the potential spread of disease, it improves animal welfare and safeguards your research.

As an industry leader in addressing sanitation and microbial challenges, Sterilex is committed to providing innovative solutions for pathogen control in the food and animal health industries. With the help of Quip Laboratories, we are expanding our reach into life sciences.

Vive Offers Biosecurity Solutions

Biofilm plays a major role in the pathogenesis of disease. That’s because bacterial biofilms create massive breeding grounds for pathogenic bacteria like E. coli. Additionally, the presence of biofilm can also be linked to a severe disease prognosis, meaning that in the presence of large amounts of biofilm, hereditary illnesses like cystic fibrosis can present with more severe prognoses than they might otherwise.

Pathogenic Biofilms
can lead to

  • Increased pathogenesis for bacteria like E. coli
  • Differences in prognoses of hereditary diseases
  • Wasted hours in tracking down the source of biofilm-related diseases
  • Effects on biofilm- or plaque-related research
  • Inconsistent test results


That’s why Quip Labs and Sterilex have joined forces to create the new Vive line.

Based on proprietary PerQuat® technology, our Vive products are EPA-approved for use against biofilm and the pathogens within them in vivariums, animal laboratories and research facilities including those housing cows, swine, primates, rabbits and mice.

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