Increase Your Operational Efficiency and Sustainability

Save water.

Make every drop count with no more wasted water with doorway foamers. Switch to an EPA-registered solid floor sanitizer and make strides to meet corporate sustainability goals to reduce water usage. As an added benefit, Sterilex Ultra Step and ProvaStride™ can be used on improperly pitched, poor-draining floors and in drain-free areas. Less water equals less micro-growth.

Visit our Entryway Control page to learn what else you’ll save.

Calculator Instructions

To calculate gallons of water used per day and year, input:

  • Current number of doorway foamers in your facility
  • Foamer water flow rate (GPM)
  • Foamer timer
  • Foamer frequency
  • Water cost per 1,000 gallons

To access the information at your convenience, save your results and have them emailed directly to you.

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