Area of Concern

Foot pan use to prevent cross-contamination in areas near or outside doors, between broiler or layer house and areas leading to egg processing.


Sterilex was contacted by 2 large broiler and 2 layer farms interested in cost-effective and efficacious entryway intervention that could be applied to their foot pans in powder form.


Farms were using dry bleach foot pan powder or liquid disinfectant solutions within foot pans at the entryways of layer or broiler farms. Challenges included product odor, product-related respiratory agitation, increased labor and costs due to frequent product replacement (anywhere from twice daily to every 1-2 weeks), inability to determine active ingredient concentrations, and slip hazards associated with current products being used.


Sterilex proposed the following action:

  • Replace the competitive product with FortiGuard in entryways, barns, and hatcheries
  • Apply FortiGuard at the recommended use rate to foot pans to prevent the spread of resistant pathogens such as Salmonella enteritidis and Avian influenza via foot traffic
  • Ensure complete coverage of the bottom of the foot pan and re-apply/replenish product as necessary
  • Remove large visible debris or organic matter from foot pan as needed
  • After performing preceding steps, monitor concentration of active ingredients using Sterilex Test Strip Kit for FortiGuard on a weekly basis


FortiGuard was replenished within the foot pans as necessary and active ingredient concentrations remained stable for 6 to 8 weeks. Figures 1-5 illustrate results for four different farms utilizing the recommended protocol. Based on these results, implementation of the above Sterilex recommended program could provide meaningful cost savings.

Other Protocol Benefits

  • Significant cost savings year over year
  • Limited container disposal due to reduced replenishment frequency and product availability in 100 and 400 lb drums
  • Product-related odor and respiratory agitation concerns reduced
  • Decreased labor and product costs associated with frequent product replacement
  • Active ingredient stability levels determined
  • Removed slip hazards associated with other products used for entryway controls