Same Products. New Look. Ongoing Protection.

Our top priority is helping you raise healthy animals, and we accomplish this through our commitment to improving biosecurity. That’s why the goal of this rebrand was to create a brand that more clearly demonstrates this commitment, as well as create product names that are easier to say and remember. We want to emphasize that only the names and brand are changing, not the products you know and trust.


Why Forti?

Not only did we want our products’ new names to be easy to say and remember, we also wanted them to mean something. The prefix forti is a nod to the word fortify. Fortify means to protect or strengthen against attack. Our Forti product family protects your animals against pathogens.


FortiGuard logo

Our entryway control product is your last line of defense against biosecurity threats. Just as a knight guards a castle, FortiGuard provides protection at the entrance to livestock housing. FortiGuard is an EPA-registered solid floor sanitizer specifically designed to control pathogens and enhance biosecurity in live production environments.

The line in the logo represents the line of separation. Use FortiGuard as your last line of defense to keep pathogens from entering your barns.

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FortiSolve logo

Terminal waterline disinfection enhances your biosecurity program and can reduce cross contamination. Much like a moat around a castle, FortiSolve is an effective barrier to biofilm and protects animals from pathogens that can accumulate inside water lines. FortiSolve is the only product on the market specifically tailored to sanitize, disinfect and remove biofilm in animal drinking lines.

The wavy line through Solve not only represents water but also illustrates our unique red dye that helps show when waterlines have been properly charged during product application.

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Our products advance animal health

Prevention is Protection

Our company is uniquely positioned to bring together multiple parts of the food supply chain. As an industry leader in addressing sanitation and microbial challenges, Sterilex is a total food safety solution provider and is committed to providing solutions for pathogen control from farm to fork.

Proprietary Technology

PerQuat technology is the only chemistry with products approved to remove biofilm and kill pathogens on both public health and industrial surfaces.


A leader in Animal Health biosecurity, we are committed to keeping your animals safe and healthy with EPA-registered, verifiable products.

Biofilm Removal

FortiSolve is the only product on the market specifically tailored to sanitize, disinfect and remove biofilm in animal drinking lines.

EPA Registered

Our products are proven to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses.


Our liquid products are compatible with materials commonly used in waterline systems and our powder’s lack of odor and low dust profile provides for a better user experience.